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  • Storm Crux Video and Review

    Storm Crux Video and Review

    Storm Crux Video and Bowling ball review   Bowler info: First bowler, Brayden Prockish, age 15, dual angle layout 50x5x35 Second bowler, Trent Baumgartner, age 17, dual angle layout 80×5.25×50 Brayden is a little more speed and power, Trent is a little more of a finesse player. Brayden wanted an..

  • Are Amateur Bowlers Really “Amateurs”?

    Are Amateur Bowlers Really “Amateurs”?

    I was first introduced to the wonderful game of bowling four years ago as a freshman in high school, and over the past few years, I’ve gradually seen my progress with the game improve greatly.  I’ve bowled the past four years for my high school team and averaged 196 this..

  • The “Off-Season”

    The “Off-Season”

    Summer is upon us. Some look at bowling’s “off season” as a time to relax and recover, or to practice even harder to be ready for the next season. Whatever method you use to ensure you’re at your best come the middle of August, here are a few things to..

  • Troy Walker Gets Web Redemption

    Troy Walker Gets Web Redemption

    Troy Walker is practically famous in the bowling world.  Not entirely for his name, but for what happened to him at the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles Tournament in Houston, Texas.  Troy had successfully rolled the first 11 strikes, but on the 12th, Walker was denied a perfect 300 game when the..