Maple Lanes Story–A night that changed the game

Maple Lanes Story – A Night That Changed The Game


It’s the late 1990’s at Maple Lanes. The Saturday teen league is just about to begin, when the oil machine breaks. This now sets the stage for one of the funniest teen league moments ever at Maple lanes. So practice begins and as we can figure from the first ball thrown, Maple Lanes must have not oiled since the early Friday night league. The lanes could not be any drier. One shot after the other the balls are violently hooking towards the 7 pin. If it’s this bad during practice what worse could happen. You are just about to find out.

So now it’s time to introduce the teen bowlers who stood up against dry lane conditions. The first bowler is Chris D. Aka “coffee” and the second bowler was Gianmarc. These two bowlers would soon do something no teen league bowler has ever done before. What is that you may ask? You will just have to keep reading to see how this turns out.

Coffee gets up and hooks the ball rolling into the left gutter at the arrows. Gianmarc ‘s next attempt the same thing happens. This goes on frame after frame as they top each other on who can possibly continue throwing gutter balls that are not on purpose. It is now the 10th frame for both “Coffee” and Gianmarc . Everyone in the teen league is excited knowing this is not going to go well once the last 2 shots are finished. But as we all know “Go Big or Go Home”. That is exactly what they both do. They go on to roll two “0” yes you are reading correctly “Zero” Games. The entire teen league cheers on “Coffee” and Gianmarc for their bowling achievement. To make this story even greater is that Gianmarc goes on to shoot a 300 game a few weeks later. He is the only bowler to ever bowl a 300 game and 0 game in the same season at Maple Lanes.

Maple lanes was home to many great bowling memories. This being one of the rarest ones I have seen.