Chris Barnes ripping off shirt !

PBA, NFL, MLB and NHL they all have their “bad boys!” The ones that you look to each week to come up with something that will shock the fans in order to get on ESPN SportCenter!

Recently the PBA made their way to Oklahoma for the PBA Summer Swing! I watched alot of this event on XtraFrame “The Online Bowling Channel” and I enjoyed every moment of it! One of the most fascinating things happened but it wasn’t someone dropping the F-bomb or waving to the pins with one finger! HaHa! It was Chis Barnes.. not known as a “Bad Boy” of the sport.. in fact he is known for being a first class gentleman.. just watch the 2011 US Open when he flat 10’d the last ball of match play to let Bill O’Neill make the telecast and the gentleman he is.. he walked right over to him and shook his hand.. congratulating him on making the telecast!

This time however in the Oklahoma Open .. Chris Barnes showed some serious emotion! He did not really have a legit chance to make the TV show unless he shot a huge game! So leaving the single pin had already frustrated him.. then as all bowlers know… it wasn’t the bowlers fault for missing the spare.. in Barnes’ case it was his shirt… in which he ripped almost completely off! I 100% can say that if I was there watching it I would have kinda been a little bothered… but this is their job.. back off a little!

All I can say is watch the video and give me your feedback! I kinda think there was a fine issued but couldn’t get.any confirmation from Tom Clark! Please let me know your comments!

So curious what you all think of the Barnes ripping his shirt after missing his single pin spare.. with this being frustration.. do you think he should have been fined or do you think this should be overlooked?