Head Games: The Mental Approach to Bowling & Sports – Review

If you have a Kindle, it may be easiest to get from amazon.com, and if not, you can find it here: http://store.vook.com/storefronts/book/head-games-the-mental-approach-to-bowling-sports.html

The length of the book, the style, and how it’s organized all fits in very well with the overall concept of the book. Yes, it’s about the mental approach, but it appears they also consciously designed the way the book reads to maximize your absorption. The entire book clocked in for me at about an hour, but I’m an EXTREMELY fast reader, so I estimate it at a 2-3 hour read for most people. It’s on the shorter side as far as books go, but don’t mistake that for lack of information; the length and how it’s split into sections is one of its greatest strengths. It’s very concise and efficient. It’s also split into defined sections that caters to all personalities and attention spans. If you get bored easily or want to let it sink in, just read a section or two at a time. If you are a marathon reader, it also allows you to read its entirety in a sitting. There’s no fluff, there’s no padding, it’s straight to the heart of the matter. This both eliminates confusion and keeps you consistently interested. They don’t make you suffer through pages of excess “information,” making you look ahead to see when it finally ends and you get to move onto the next section. The attention given to each subject is appropriate, and very informative.

To me, this book is about adjusting your perspectives on things to benefit you the best based on your personality. They explain the different ways that different people use to get to the same place. It seems like going to the eye doctor and having him slowly adjust or swap out different lenses on the big machine until everything finally comes into focus, this book helps you find your mental “prescription.” There was a section that touched on being a perfectionist that definitely hit home with me. In short, it’s very honest and straightforward. It’s not “hard hitting,” it’s not intensely direct, nor is it bland or passive. It’s like sitting down and having a conversation, or being given instructions on how to do something. It’s simple, but not simplistic, it just follows its own rules.

I’m going to go back and read it several more times, because it seems like the type of book that you can find something new in every time you read it. You read it the first time, and some of your perspectives change, so when you go back and read it again, different things stand out to you. You apply those different things, and read it again, and yet more appears. Highly recommend this book, it’s perfect for book people and non-book people, and I’m certain it has a lot of re-read value. Buy this book!