Jayhawk Bowling Supply’s “Detox”

I paid a visit to Jayhawk Bowling Supply in Lawrence, KS, to check out the “Detox,” a new, ultrasonic method of oil extraction. Here is Jayhawk’s promotional video:

First of all, as you saw in the video, the Detox is in an attractive box with an eye catching logo plate on the front. The outside of the box has time and temperature controls, you set your temp and how long you want it to run for, and you can just walk away after that. It’s a unit that’s designed to be placed in your shop’s lobby, as it’s very interesting to watch and listen to, and it doesn’t take up much room at all. When the ultrasonic is engaged, it makes a low buzzing, and interestingly enough, if you turn it on and place your finger in the water, you can actually see it pulling oil out of your skin. With a good light source, it’s very easy to see the tendrils of oil snaking out of the coverstock within just a few seconds of the ultrasonic being turned on, and customers would definitely find it interesting to watch. It also supplies you with a very visual representation of how much oil is being removed from the ball.

At the bottom on the side of the box, it has a spout that you can drain the water out of after each use, as the pot is caulked around the top of the box to prevent water getting inside, and therefore not removable or at the very least not designed to be removed. The rack the ball sits in has a recommended water level mark on it so you can get the right amount of water in it every time. They just use regular tap water, no distilled or special filtered water is required. They also have a liquid/gel additive (Detox Accelerator Solution) that you can use, it slightly changes the frequency and makes the ultrasonic a bit more “powerful,” which speeds the process up a bit. The temperature control does NOT max out at 125, it does go higher, however, Jayhawk sees no need for a ball to be subjected to higher temperatures than that, which could harm the ball or shorten its lifespan. In the manual for the unit, they supply you with the maximum recommended temperature from each ball manufacturer so you can avoid voiding a warranty. The reason for not submerging the thumbhole is as simple as what they said in the video, there is in fact enough room in the pot that you could definitely submerge the entire ball if you wanted to, they just thought that this way someone can go right out after a treatment and throw the ball without the thumbhole being wet or humid. The effect on the grips is minimal, and is very similar to that of a resurface.

They’ve tested the Detox on every major manufacturer (which also covers the majority of the smaller manufacturers), to great results. They recommend taking the ball to 500 Abralon before giving it a treatment because it opens the pores of the ball up and makes it easier to pull the oil out. They also test every unit out several times before shipping to ensure it meets their quality standards.

I took them my Motiv Sigma Tour to try out. I keep my equipment very clean, I towel the ball off after every shot, clean them, and keep the surfaces fresh, so I really wanted to see if the Detox could in fact get anything out of it. It actually pulled a decent amount of oil out of the coverstock, I was surprised at how much it pulled out, especially with how clean I keep my equipment and being that the ball isn’t a very aggressive ball. The more aggressive a ball is, the more oil it will soak up, and the more oil it will consequently release when it’s treated, so for example a Vibe shouldn’t soak up or release as much oil as a Hyper Cell should given similar use. I purposely took a ball I doubted we would see much oil come out of, and it still pulled a fair amount out. I really wanted to put it to the test, and was impressed at the effectiveness of the unit.

Compared to other methods of oil extraction, whether professional or personal, the Detox is the most effective, efficient, and safest way to do it. The benefits for the pro shop operator are that it has specific time and temperature controls, you visually see results, it’s specifically designed for a bowling ball, it’s easy to empty and clean (you just let the water out of the drain into a bucket, the drain is connected directly to the pot, and then just wipe out the pot before you add new water), it gets deeper than other methods, and it’s something interesting that will draw customers in to see how it works. As far as for the customer, it’s very interesting to watch, you can gain a better estimate on how often your equipment needs treatments, it is a very viable means of “resurrecting” a ball that will save you from buying a new ball, it is the safest way to do it, and for the same price or less than a resurface.

Unlike other methods, this isn’t just a means of bleeding the oil out, it’s a true extraction. This will extend the life of your bowling ball moreso than any other means or method. I very highly recommend it for pro shops, as it will increase your revenue and create interest, and for customers as a way to extend the life of your favorite ball(s), and save you money. Visit http://www.jayhawkbowling.com/Detox.html and order yours today!