Where did the term Brooklyn Strike come from ?

Have you ever wondered why or where the term “Brooklyn Strike” and “Jersey Strike” started?

Many bowlers until right this moment have been using these terms in bowling and never really knew the history behind it. We all know what the definition of these terms mean, if not – It is when a strike is thrown by crossing over in front of the head pin, and hitting the opposite side of the pocket.

Now let’s get to how these terms started. There is no real start date in history to when this began, however we can figure out a location just from their names. It has been said that the terms started from a rivalry between New York and New Jersey bowlers. When any New York bowler threw a strike that crossed over and struck the pocket from the wrong side, fellow teammates or bowlers would make fun of him saying he crossed the river into Jersey. In response to this New Jersey bowlers began saying anytime a New Jersey bowler struck on the wrong side that it landed on the Brooklyn side.

The only places you can find a bowler calling a “Jersey Strike” are in New York or Long Island. The rest of the country has adopted the term “Brooklyn Strike”.