Why Do Bowling Leagues Promote SandBagging ?

Why do Bowling Leagues promote SandBagging in their leagues?

This topic may be a very sensitive subject for the majority of bowlers, however we all know this is going on in our bowling leagues.  Now let’s get to the good part.  We are all bowlers here and this has to be fixed and we all know it isn’t going to be. So you must be asking, why is he saying that bowling leagues promote sandbagging or dumping in their league? Then I ask you, why do the majority of bowling leagues offer a 5 pin or more drop after 3 weeks?  I have watched for over 15 years 90% or more of the bowlers after 3 weeks reaching the 5 pin drop on purpose. It is very enjoyable to watch bowlers with 220+ averages missing the 5 pin or throwing the ball in the gutter “by accident” because they are a head on the wood.

This problem is worldwide and league presidents will never do anything to prevent this, if they were to stand up and discipline the people doing these things, they would lose members in the league. How can we ever bowl in a fair league environment, when any moment people can sandbag they do?  I’m expecting by this point you are either saying “shut up, and bowl in a scratch league “or “I hate this and deal with the same thing”.  Now I have to also understand that league presidents have to keep bowler count up or the bowling alley will cancel their leagues. It’s not totally the fault of the league; it’s the business aspect to fill the league. The only real handicap we are dealing with in bowling is money.  If the bowling alleys have to throw a blind eye to what is going on they will, this is the only way to keep them in business.

We all know this problem will never change however maybe it’s time to just call it for what it is.

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