The “Nail” made me do it

So it’s another Monday night in my PBA experience league. The place is empty and quiet, Do you think it will stay that way? lol , If it did I wouldn’t have to continue this post and we all could go watch some TV.  Practice starts and here we go, one shot in and the complaints begin. The shot is dry , the shot has too much oil, etc…you have heard it all before.

Now game 1 starts and the fun begins.

Watching the bowler the lane to next me throw a 9-10 through the nose, His ranting starts on how he didn’t carry that shot. Since he didn’t carry this first shot, he throws his next shot and he leaves a pin standing.He now walks up to the foul line and like an eagle looks down the lane , we are all guessing because he left a pin standing, but No it’s not that he spots a so-called “Nail” in the back of the lane at the bottom of the curtain, next to the side wall under the stuck pin head. So he looks at his ball trying to show us a scratch on his ball. There was no scratch .

He now goes to the front desk, making a mechanic shut down his lane and search for this mystery nail, that was never found. The league finally ends 3 games later and he still believes the “Nail” made him bowl terrible tonight.

There is currently a reward out for any information about this “Nail”. lol