Bowling Tips – Beat The Score Not The Bowler

Bowling Tips – Beat The Score Not The Bowler


This is a topic that may look a lot harder then it truly is. For the beginner bowler this is a great tip to begin using at the start of your bowling career. Now for the rest of the bowlers up to advanced this is a little more difficult. You have trained yourself over the years to be intimidated and even fear bowlers by their names or averages. This is huge mistake and a true weakness that will only hinder you for the rest of your bowling career.

I would bet the majority of bowlers know this is true. If you don’t I will give you an example of what I mean. Have you ever looked at your bowling league sheet and said “Damn we are bowling that guy who has a 220 average” If you have ever done this you have already put your mental bowling in a negative gear. By doing this you are mentally making your goal of defeating this bowler unreachable. Do you really need any more obstacles besides lane conditions and unlucky breaks?

Now let’s break down why the person physically bowling you can’t affect your score. Bowling is a non-contact sport. This is not boxing, wrestling, football or ultimate fighting. The person against you has no physical advantage against you. They cannot attack you and force you to throw a bad shot. If this happens you have no one else to blame but yourself. The next delusion people have is that physical size and muscle will make them bowl better. Many bowlers become intimidated by this and now physically fear the person they bowl. Let’s make it very clear just because the person bowling you is 6’5 and 280 pounds of muscle does not mean they are better then you. If you have never watched professional bowling, Hall of Famers like Norm Duke, Parker Bohn, Walter Ray Williams and Pete Weber are surely not the most physically intimidating people in the world. However they fear no one on the lanes.

So we just figured out bowling the bowler does not affect your score. Now it’s time to learn to bowl the score. Your goal every time you bowl is to defeat the score. Bowling is just one big math equation. It is no different than basic addition and subtraction with luck adding a positive or negative probability. This should sound a lot easier to achieve now. The reason is this also affects the person bowling against you. You are on equal ground now. It’s your game to win.

Since bowling is just a big math problem, I think it’s time for me to show you exactly what I mean.


Bowler 1 is 6’4 225 pounds and averages 225. Bowler 1 starts out with two strikes, he then leaves a 7-10 split, and he follows up with 2 more strikes. It is now time to add bad luck to this game. He leaves 2 buried 10 pins in a row missing both do to frustration. He now leaves a 3rd 10 pin and recovers and makes it. He throws the last 4 strikes for a 202 game.

Bowler 2 is 5’5 130 pounds and averages 190. Bowler 1 starts out with an 8 and spares, he follows up with 2 strikes followed by a 10 pin spare. Let’s add some good luck for 1 frame. Bowler 1 throws a bad shot which misses the pocket but still strikes from weird pin action. He recovers from this and now cannot carry at all leaving five 10 pin spares and ends with 1 strike. He finishes with 205 defeating the much larger and physically dominate bowler.

I hope after reading this article you have learned not to fear the bowler, instead to beat the score. It’s all just math and the winning equation is +1 pin above your competition. Now get out on the lanes and show them what you’re made of.