Bowling Tips – How Do I Calculate My Bowling Handicap ?

Bowling Tips – How Do I Calculate My Bowling Handicap ?

I know a lot of us have become lazy and left bowling handicaps up to the league secretary to do, however if you are bowling long enough you should learn this for your own personal knowledge. Just in case its wrong. For all the beginner bowlers this is the perfect time to learn this so it comes natural and easy to you.

1. Determine your average –  Your bowling average will be determined by adding your total scores of 3 games of bowling and dividing that by 3. Pretty simple. Here is an example – 150 + 150 + 150 = 450 , now divide that by 3. (450 divided by 3 = 150). So now you have a 150 average.

2. Determine your basis score – You can find out what the league basis score is by checking on the league sheet or nicely asking your league secretary what it is. They usually make the basis score higher than the highest average in your league. For example my bowling league is based on 230 average. The league may also take a percentage such as 80%. So you might hear people saying the league is 80% of 230. Don’t get scared about the numbers. Its not that serious lol.

3. Its now time to subtract your average from the basis score – This is not very scary, its basic subtraction. So we figured out in step one that your average was 150 and the basis score is 230. Now subtract 230 – 150 = 80 .

4. Now you must multiply by the percent- Now we will be taking 80% as an example. (Your league may have a different percent so in that case use that one) – Take 80% of the difference between your average and the basis score.  So it will look like this 80 x .8 = 64 . You have now figured out your handicap is 64 pins.

Your handicap will fluctuate weekly, according to how good or bad you have bowled for the week. Lets hope you keep bowling great. Well that the end of this bowling tip. Hope that helped you out a little and will improve you game.