Bowling Tips – How Do I Stop Rushing To The Line ?

Bowling Tips – How Do I Stop Rushing To The Line ?

This bowling tip is probably one of the least noticed problems to new bowlers. Every bowler has their own bowling style and rhythm that they approach the foul line with, however we all start out at the same place getting there is with that first step. After that first step we are off to go. It may be good or bad , fast or slow but we will all stop before crossing the line or our attempt was all for nothing.

Now why should we waste an attempt or continue to rush to get the ball passed the line? This is bowling it’s not a race, we do not get an award for being the fastest to the line. So now its time to fix this and save our game and create more consistent shots.

The first step to fixing our rushing to the line is exactly at that “The first step”. I said we weren’t in a race to get to the line , So start out by taking your first step slowly and then gradually increase your rhythm or tempo on your way towards the line. If you are doing this correctly you should have a feeling that you are behind the bowling ball and have control of it, not the other way around. You should not feel the bowling ball forcing you to deliver it because of the heaviness and its momentum.

Here is an example that might make it clearer to understand. It is a rainy day and your driving to the bowling alley, the roads are slippery and wet and there is a stop sign coming ahead. The proper way to approach this sign is slow and smooth stopping steady and strong before sliding through the stop sign. If you’re rushing to the line incorrectly, you would feel like a car trying to stop 2 feet before the stop sign and sliding violently through the stop sign in a reckless action. In this example you can probably visualize many times that you have done this yourself, just like the rest of us. This is something you have to practice but in time you will get it right. Now the next time you go bowling think of this bowling tip and it should be a lot easier to fix it.

Always remember to take your time. It’s always easier to speed up your delivery than it will be to slow it down in a split second.