Bowling Tips – How To Carry The 10 Pin

So it’s another league night, you just threw a great shot, only to leave another stubborn 10-pin standing (or a 7-pin for lefties).  This drives most bowlers crazy, seeing it happen night after night.  There are ways to get the 10-pin to finally fall and most of them do not take drastic adjustments.

I bet you are saying “well I moved right a few boards or I moved left a few boards” and still the 10-pin haunts me.  Many Bowling Tips given by coaches or experienced bowlers will tell to do this. It’s great that you listened to their advice; however they may have just given you the basic concept on what to do.

Now let’s get to some easy Bowling Tips or options that may help kick out them 10-pins. Most bowlers will move left and right all night till they run out of frames, and still never carry the 10-pin.  Have you ever thought instead of moving left and right, to try the option of moving up or moving back on the approach? When moving up or back on the approach you do not have to move very much maybe 3 to 5 inches. Let’s think about this, when you move up on the approach will slow down your feet down making you take smaller steps, also slowing down your ball a little, making you hit the pocket slightly harder. Another benefit of moving up on the approach is if you were dropping the ball before the foul line or on it, you will now get the ball on the lane and come at the pocket a little lighter tripping the 10 pin.

So now that we have covered moving up, let’s cover moving back 3-5 inches on the approach.  When you move back on the approach you tend to take larger steps, giving you more speed and causing the ball to move faster. Now for example, if you were coming very light and not tripping out the 10 pin, you would now be dropping the ball a few inches shorter on the lane, bringing your ball flusher into the pocket.

Most bowlers have a comfort zone and do not want to move left or right often since they have to make more lane adjustments. Moving up and back on the approach gives these bowlers the option to stay where they are comfortable on the lanes and still have a chance to carry.

That’s it for these Bowling Tips, if you have any questions or need advice leave a comment or send me a message on the contact page.