Bowling Tips – How To Play Outside Your Comfort Zone

Bowling Tips – How to Play Outside Your Comfort Zone


I would have to say that this is probably one of the least practiced things in bowling. We may practice a few different things in our bowling career, however many of us as bowlers are very stubborn. We feel that playing a safe shot or playing what we know is the best way to bowl in our leagues. If we really believed this we all would still probably be crawling on the floor like babies, but we had to come out of our comfort zone at some point and learn to walk.

The first part of learning to play outside your bowling comfort zone is to practice. Take a day and go to the bowling alley and decide something you want to try out. This decision might be hard at first because your body will want to do what it has been trained to do. It’s now time to become a bowler and put that behind us and try something new. Now get on the approach where you normally start and move a few boards left or right.  Some of us are down and in bowlers; maybe it’s time for you to move 10 boards left of your starting spot on the approach and swing the ball out a little. This may not be comfortable and you may not get near the pocket, but that isn’t why we are here. We are here to see if we can make an adjustment and commit to it for an entire game. I have seen many bowlers struggle from start to finish on a normal bowling night because their shot was just not there.

One major problem with trying to play outside our comfort zone is making excuses. We have heard tons of these excuses, but does bowling 80 pins under your average sound great? Now if I was to put a brick wall on your normal line would you throw the ball and hit the wall all night? Or would you move somewhere you wouldn’t hit the wall? Common sense is move.  The physical part of playing outside your comfort zone is a lot easier than the mental aspect of it.  Have you ever stood on the approach and said to yourself “it’s time to move, move left or move right” then just do nothing and get a negative result; this is the mental bowling demon torturing you. It gets enjoyment out of getting you to fear change. It’s now time to pay him back for all the low games you have had.  During non-league and league bowling, practice at least 2 lines during the time you get. There is no loss in doing this only a benefit, you might notice in practice that your normal shot was not there , however that new shot you practiced is working. This is now playing outside your comfort zone, and you have just made your normal comfort zone much bigger.

Now go practice and let’s make your comfort zone the entire lane.