Bowling Tips – How To Practice Your Bowling

Bowling TipsHow To Practice Your Bowling

To many bowlers the words bowling practice bring them pain. The idea of having to actually drive down to the bowling alley and make an attempt to practice is just too much. I am betting most of you are saying “Damn it, I have to go in and practice” like you have just been served a prison sentence lol, “Walking the Green Mile”.  If this is the attitude you already have, you probably aren’t going to get much out of your bowling practice session at all. Honestly you have to want to be there to benefit from practice.

As with any other sport, going to practice is essential to maintaining a great game.  Once you overcome the negative aspect of having to go bowl, it’s now time to figure out why you are there?  What you want to work on?  Most of us don’t do this at all. We instead think we are practicing, and throw the same repetitive shots trying to bowl 300 in practice. If you do this you have just wasted your own time. The idea of practice is to work on something that we feel is wrong or needs repair.  I would expect that more than 90% of you do not have perfect arm swing. Why not take an hour and go practice swinging the ball smoothly, do not worry about how many pins you knock down. Practice never gets you a 300 ring, however great mechanics can increase your chances in league bowling.

Bowling is not a sport you can ever perfect, so we will always need to continue practicing our entire bowling career.  Taking the time to work on some aspects of our game we might neglect is great. Did you work on your push away, knee bend, fast foot work, or even single pin spares? Bowling has tons of mechanics behind it to increase your scores. The question is why are you not trying to benefit from them? The only difference between a normal league bowler and a PBA bowler is that PBA members put hard work and dedication into keeping their game up.  The normal league bowler just shows up for their leagues, maybe if we are lucky throw a few practice shots and then starts bowling. Does that sound like the sign of a consistent bowler?

I will give you one beneficial tip to help you bowl better; it is very simple “Have Fun” all bowlers will bowl better when they are enjoying themselves.  When you stop having fun bowling, then you will start to see yourself fall into small slumps. All of us started in this sport because we enjoyed it, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Hopefully this bowling tip will give you some motivation to start practicing and show everyone how great a bowler you can be. Now go hit the lanes.  Good luck practicing.