Bowling Tips – Should I buy a used bowling ball ?

Bowling TipsShould I buy a used bowling ball?


The answer to this question is pretty simple, yes. Now many of you may believe that buying a used bowling ball makes no sense. This may be your opinion, however I am going to explain the benefits of a buying a used bowling ball over a new one in some situations. So let’s get started.

When I say you should buy a used bowling ball, I do not mean one that someone has rolled down the street, thrown out of a moving car, or a ball that is in an unreasonable condition. It is common sense not to buy a used bowling ball that is cracked or in a condition that is unfixable.

Now let’s see the benefits of buying a used bowling ball. The first benefit in buying a used bowling ball is that you can try a bowling ball you may have never thought of trying before. You get to experience a new bowling ball company and see how their balls roll and react to your bowling. The majorities of bowlers are very dedicated to their ball manufactures and never give others companies a chance; you never know you might just like a new company better.

The next benefit in a used bowling ball is that you can try a new ball layout. This is huge benefit to your game. Now you have the ability to try a totally new layout that may improve your game greatly. If you were buying a new ball more than likely you would not try a new layout. The reason you wouldn’t try a new layout is clear, you wouldn’t want to have to re-plug a brand new $200 ball because you didn’t like how it rolls for you. I would bet more than 90% of the bowlers in you league drill up the same pin above the fingers layout because they are scared of change.

Now let’s move on to another benefit to buying a used bowling ball. This one is pitches, with a used bowling ball you have the ability to try different pitches in your ball to see if something feels better coming off your hand. Most of us just relay on our proshop operator to guess exactly the best pitches that work for us. There are just too many factors in bowling for them to get it right 100% of the time. They do try their hardest but we as bowlers have to help ourselves. I can bet many of you have drilled a bowling ball and it just didn’t feel right. You ask the proshop and they say it’s drilled the same. Pitch change can be so minimal that even they can’t see it is off, which is causing discomfort to you and your bowling. When you purchase a used bowling ball you have the chance to try a new forward pitch or reverse pitch. Who knows maybe the bowl pitches you have in your ball weren’t the ones you should have and changing them will improve your game.

This next benefit is a scary one to a lot of bowlers. You now have the ability to alter the surface of the bowling ball. There aren’t many bowlers I know that buy a brand new ball and sand down the cover on the first day. I know many of you probably have wanted to try and change the surface, but are scared that you would ruin your ball and never get the original reaction back. With a used bowling ball you can take that risk and see if it works better on certain conditions for you.

The last benefit I will talk about is the most obvious; it is cheaper to buy a used bowling ball. With the cost of new bowling balls reaching over $200 these days, you can purchase used balls at your proshop for around $60+ according to your proshop and location. If we do the math on that you could own 3 used balls for around $180-$200. That is a big arsenal of balls to have on hand to help improve you game.

Coming from my personal experience I have bowled 3 300 games with used bowling balls I purchased from my proshop. They were balls I probably would have never purchased myself but I tried them out and I was never disappointed.

I hope this gave you a better understanding of used bowling balls. Now maybe in the future you will give one a try.