Bowling Tips – Why did I buy a new bowling ball?


Bowling Tips – Why did I buy a new bowling ball?

So in this Bowling Tip we are going to learn some reasons why we buy bowling balls, and if we bought them for the right reason.  Over the past summer I have purposely went to my local pro shop and spent a few hours there each week. I wanted to see from experience what were some of the reasons bowlers are buying balls and you may or may not be shocked.

Here we go, a bowler enters the pro shop and starts looking at equipment he may be interested in buying, so I ask him what type of bowling ball are you looking for? He replies to me one that hooks, lol, this really just cut down the selection for us to look at. Bowling Tip – Do not just buy a bowling ball because it hooks have a purpose for the bowling ball.  So I ask him another question, does your league have a lot of oil on the lanes for a big hooking bowling ball? He replies it’s pretty dry in his league it’s a late night league.  From these current two examples you can tell this bowler does not know why he is buying a bowling ball.

Now to the next example, it’s Monday night a bowler that is just about to bowl the league rushes in looking for a new bowling ball. I ask him, what kind of bowling ball are you looking for? He goes I need the newest bowling ball out. Which one just came out, so I point to the Track 503t that was just released, he says that’s the bowling ball I want. I ask him, do you know anything about this bowling ball. He says no, but new bowling balls work the best. Bowling Tip– Do not buy a bowling ball because it just came out.

From these examples we can see the majority of bowlers have no idea why they are buying new bowling balls. If it was not for some pro shop operators that are honest and see that you may be making the wrong decision you would lose your money, and believe you are bowling bad due to the bowling ball and not just your bad decision. Bowling Tip– Do your research on all the bowling balls you are interested in buying. With the internet accessible from almost anywhere, you can easily find information and bowling ball reviews that will even have videos of the bowling ball being thrown.

Now get out there and do some bowling ball homework and have a great bowling season.