Bowling Tips – Why Do I Miss The 10 Pin ?

Bowling TipsWhy Do I Miss The 10 Pin ?

This is a question millions of bowlers have asked themselves for hundreds of years. We make many excuses why we have missed the stubborn 10 pin again. It’s now time to forget the excuses and understand it might just be harder to make the 10 pin. One reason that many bowler may have never known is that the 10 pin is only around 2 1/2 inches from the right hand gutter. This being said you never get the extra advantage of using the entire bowling balls width to make this spare on the right side. This goes exactly the same for left-handed bowlers for the 7 pin.

Now that we know it’s physically harder to make the 10 pin, Lets see how much different it is than making any other single pin spare. The answer to this question is pretty simple. The 10 pin spare is around seven inches narrower than on all other single pin spares. So to prevent missing it we have to take advantage and shoot this spare on its good side or the side with more area to hit. Mentally try to break the 10 pin down into 3 section. The left , middle and right side of the 10 pin. The proper way to shoot for this spare would be left to right. That way if you miss a little to far right by mistake you will still hit the middle or right edge of the pin and not end up in the gutter.