Storm Crux Video and Review

Storm Crux Video and Bowling ball review


Bowler info:

First bowler, Brayden Prockish, age 15, dual angle layout 50x5x35
Second bowler, Trent Baumgartner, age 17, dual angle layout 80×5.25×50

Brayden is a little more speed and power, Trent is a little more of a finesse player. Brayden wanted an aggressive layout that still had some pop on the back and would be continuous from deeper angles, and Trent wanted good length and strength and control on the back. The Crux looks great on our house pattern, which is pretty wet/dry and can be tricky. It reminds me a lot of an earlier and slightly smoother Sinister. It gets good length, is very continuous, very powerful, and has a nice combination of a strong, but smooth read on the dry. Very controllable power, really impressed with this ball. Thanks for watching!