Storm Hyroad and Roto Grip Sinister Video and Review

Both balls are drilled 65×5.25×40, that’s my favorite layout. Stable roll, decent length little pop on the back, just enough flare, nice and continuous. The Hyroad Solid was intended to be my house shot killer, so I put a LIGHT coat of polish on the box surface. I wanted a similar look, just something that wouldn’t tear up the track too quickly. It gets SUPER easy length, too much for me, so I added a P3 hole, and it still gets really easy length, but a bit more flare now and more stability and roll through the middle. It’s the classic Hyroad roll, just smoother. Don’t be afraid to drill this ball stronger than you normally would, I don’t think it hooks as much as advertised, it just doesn’t roll soon enough to handle medium heavy volumes or anything longer than 40 feet. REALLY good on medium house shots though.

The Sinister is crazy. I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve literally never seen a ball that hooks this much go this long and be this continuous on the back. It is at box surface and has no weight hole. In this video, I’d been practicing about 20 minutes after a senior league, so this is not a fresh shot, but it’s really not that beat up either. I had moved about 8 boards left with my feet from where I started just to avoid the track. No backend carrydown, but the track was burnt a decent amount. This ball rolls HEAVY, but like I said, gets a ton more push than you expect it to and doesn’t give up on the back, it keeps going. This is a GREAT sport shot and sport tournament ball because when everybody else has their oilers out on the fresh and have to ball down after a couple games, you can just keep moving left with the same ball. With the cover at 4000, it doesn’t chew up the shot very fast, but a word of warning, it lane polishes extremely quickly. It reacts best out of the box, with polish on it, it just goes too long.