Why didn’t I bowl well tonight?

So you just finished bowling your league, and you’re asking yourself “why didn’t I bowl well tonight”. The first excuse people will try to come up with is “It was the lanes”, that more than likely isn’t true. The next great excuse will be ” It had to be the bowling ball, I should have used a different one”. Now let’s get passed all the excuses you will try to make and move on to reality.

So practice just came on,  You throw your first shot an “BAAM” you didn’t strike instantly after not being at the bowling alley in a week. Did you do any warm up ball swings? Did you bother doing any knee bends or stretches ? No, you didn’t.. So now your starting out with rusty mechanics from a week ago.  Rusty mechanics will account for a lot of missed spares and sloppy strike shots, and probably will cost you around 50+ pins or more over a 3 game set. So  the average bowlers series just went from 600 to 550 or less.

Now to fix this problem. The first thing you want to do is “stretch” I don’t want to hear well I have no time. If you have time to go to bar or snack counter and get a beer or food, you have 1 minute to bend your knees and body a few  times. This will help  you out a lot over an entire night. The next thing we want to do is ” warm up your arm swing”. How do you expect to throw  great shots, when your arm is swinging the ball like your carrying a heavy bucket of water all herky and jerky. If you spend more time doing these 2 basic things each week rather than wasting time finding excuses after the point, you won’t have ask “why didn’t I bowl well tonight”.

Here is a video of the two basic things I have just discussed with you. See if you are doing these during the night of bowling consistently.