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  • Are Amateur Bowlers Really “Amateurs”?

    Are Amateur Bowlers Really “Amateurs”?

    I was first introduced to the wonderful game of bowling four years ago as a freshman in high school, and over the past few years, I’ve gradually seen my progress with the game improve greatly.  I’ve bowled the past four years for my high school team and averaged 196 this..

  • Chris Barnes ripping off shirt !

    Chris Barnes ripping off shirt !

    PBA, NFL, MLB and NHL they all have their “bad boys!” The ones that you look to each week to come up with something that will shock the fans in order to get on ESPN SportCenter! Recently the PBA made their way to Oklahoma for the PBA Summer Swing! I..

  • Jayhawk Bowling Supply’s “Detox”

    Jayhawk Bowling Supply’s “Detox”

    I paid a visit to Jayhawk Bowling Supply in Lawrence, KS, to check out the “Detox,” a new, ultrasonic method of oil extraction. Here is Jayhawk’s promotional video: First of all, as you saw in the video, the Detox is in an attractive box with an eye catching logo plate..

  • Head Games: The Mental Approach to Bowling & Sports – Review

    Head Games: The Mental Approach to Bowling & Sports – Review

    If you have a Kindle, it may be easiest to get from, and if not, you can find it here: The length of the book, the style, and how it’s organized all fits in very well with the overall concept of the book. Yes, it’s about the mental..

  • Tinted Oil on PBA WSOB V Finals

    Tinted Oil on PBA WSOB V Finals

    PBA Commissioner Tom Clark has announced that they are experimenting with dyed or tinted bowling oil for the upcoming animal pattern telecasts at the World Series of Bowling 5. The idea is to make the oil visible so you can see how it transitions, and why pro shots are different..