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  • The “Off-Season”

    The “Off-Season”

    Summer is upon us. Some look at bowling’s “off season” as a time to relax and recover, or to practice even harder to be ready for the next season. Whatever method you use to ensure you’re at your best come the middle of August, here are a few things to..

  • Putting It All Together

    Putting It All Together

    Recently I had a personal epiphany: bowling is about knocking all the pins down. Odd, isn’t it? For the last several years I’ve been so caught up in the details of the game like ball selection, layouts, surfaces, technique, and mechanics that I completely forgot to put it all back..

  • The Perfect Fit, Pt 1

    The Perfect Fit, Pt 1

    Having a bowling ball fit your hand properly is as important as a football player’s helmet fitting right, or a runner’s shoes fit right. Not having the correct fit can cause more problems than simply being uncomfortable. Let’s start by talking about hands in general. Hands are like fingerprints or..

  • Honor Score Etiquette

    Honor Score Etiquette

    Honor scores have become more prevalent over the last couple decades, chances are you’ve seen one or maybe several. However, to most that hasn’t diminished their lustre; 300 and 800 are still viewed as significant accomplishments. Depending on your own personal amount of success, you may or may not realize..

  • Jayhawk Bowling Supply’s “Detox”

    Jayhawk Bowling Supply’s “Detox”

    I paid a visit to Jayhawk Bowling Supply in Lawrence, KS, to check out the “Detox,” a new, ultrasonic method of oil extraction. Here is Jayhawk’s promotional video: First of all, as you saw in the video, the Detox is in an attractive box with an eye catching logo plate..

  • Head Games: The Mental Approach to Bowling & Sports – Review

    Head Games: The Mental Approach to Bowling & Sports – Review

    If you have a Kindle, it may be easiest to get from, and if not, you can find it here: The length of the book, the style, and how it’s organized all fits in very well with the overall concept of the book. Yes, it’s about the mental..