Length: 35 feet

How PBA straight players (less than 250 rev rate) attack Cheetah:

Where to play:All players agree that you play as close to the channel as the pattern will allow.
Adjusting to carry down: As the oil carries down, move your feet further outside and keep your eyes focused on the edge of the channel. Adjusting to lane break down: Players either change to a weaker ball and stay in the same area or stay with the same ball and move slightly deeper on the lane.


How PBA tweener players (250-350 rev rate) attack Cheetah:

Where to play: Every player highlighted that you must get the ball to the outside
portion of the lane (boards 1-4) at your break point. Starting lay down areas
varied from near the channel to as deep as the second arrow.
Adjusting to carry down:The majority of tweener style players change to a
more aggressive ball and/or move further outside on the lane.
Adjusting to lane break down:The players agree that using the same ball and
moving deeper on the lane or changing to a weaker ball and staying in the same
area on the lane are the best solutions to conquering break down on the
Cheetah pattern.

How PBA power players (350 rev rate or more) attack Cheetah:

Where to play: All players agree that the best place to play this pattern is near
the channel (boards 1-3). Whether you’re playing straight up the boards or
swinging through the middle of the lane, it’s crucial that your ball’s break point is
near the channel. It is also important to match up with the right ball to create
the highest carry percentage.
Adjusting to carry down: All the power players either do not change balls or
switch to a more aggressive ball. When they continue with the same ball, they
move their feet toward the outside of the lane. If they change to a more aggressive
ball, they keep their feet in the same place or move slightly deeper.
Adjusting to lane break down: A large majority of power players change to a
weaker ball and play the same part of the lane, then move deeper as the condition
continues to break down.

How To Play The Cheetah Oil Pattern Video

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