Intro to Pro Shop Tips!

Hi all, and welcome to the brand new section on Epic Bowling, Pro Shop Tips. My name is Luke Rosdahl, and I’ll have plenty of articles, comments, and answers coming your way. I’ll attempt to let you inside the pro shop world, supply you with tons of information and advice, and do my best to answer ANY question you have for me. Just send me a personal message here, and I’ll post a detailed response on the Pro Shop Tips page. I’ll also post articles on things that I feel people need or want to know, or things that I’ve frequently been asked questions about in the shop. My first article, Successfully Navigating the “Bargain Bin,” is already up and available.

For a little background information, I live in Topeka, KS, where I currently work for In The Zone Pro Shop at our West Ridge Lanes location. We have a total of 6 shops, with one being in Lawrence, and the remaining 4 being spread throughout the Kansas City area. This will be my 4th year with In The Zone, and prior to that, I worked for 4 years in the same shop when it was under the name West Ridge Bowling Supply. I’ve had the privilege of working, bowling, and being around legitimately some of the premier names in bowling today and in bowling history, including just to name a few, Jeff Ussery, Jesse James, Gerry Keslar, Rick Benoit, Bob Benoit, and many more. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such a wealth of knowledge, experience, and history surrounding me.

I’ve been taught by and continue to learn from the best in the business, and have a passion for bowling that borders on obsessive. I consider my strengths to be drilling precision, reading ball reaction, matching people up with equipment and conditions, and having an extremely good grasp on bowling concepts in general. In addition to my work in the pro shop, I’m also a director on our local board, and am the city lane certification manager. As far as bowling itself, I currently carry two averages above 230, I have 15 sanctioned 300 games, and 9 sanctioned 800 series’ with a high of 823 . . and that’s just right handed! I am in fact also ambidextrous, with a left handed average of 205 and highs of 279/742, and I feel this gives me a unique perspective, much more knowledge, and a lot better grasp on how to serve my customers, whatever hand they bowl with.

All that being said, I’m not taking the opportunity to “brag.” I’m just trying to offer proof of my qualifications, passion, and to assure you that you’ll get nothing but the best quality, CORRECT, and cutting edge information from me. I’ll do my best to answer your questions clearly and understandably. If for some reason I can’t answer a question or feel I need more information, just look back a couple paragraphs and see who I have around me to ask! Thanks for taking time to read this, for any and all questions you have, and I hope you enjoy this section!